precision engineering at it's best

RDS Engineering’s quality and attention to detail is where we stand out from the crowd.

Investment in new and existing employees with comprehensive training packages and further education, as well as a continuous year on year apprentice recruitment scheme has ensured that RDS Precision Engineering employs the industry's finest engineers whilst creating an environment with the wide range of experiences and capabilities available for Ultimate Precision.

Employee Commitment

RDS Engineering have a very experienced team who have the ability and motivation to supply you with exactly what you require when you require it.


The requirement to support a wide variety of industry sectors creates the necessity to invest in the latest technology and software. Design, development and project engineering support has seen RDS Engineering create relationships with leading manufacturers that has lead to long term contracts based on substantial and extensive product knowledge.

The ability to interact with generic and specific CAD software packages ensures full turnkey support to all new and existing customers.

RDS Precision Engineering Limited trading as RDS Engineering

Registered Office:     19 Brindley Road, Hertburn Industrial Estate

                                  Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE37 2SF UK

Company Number:    08597347

t 0191 419 3456 || 0191 416 6789  ||   e sales@rdsengineering.co.uk

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